Insurance Weiterbildung

Lateral entrants should be enthusiastic about the insurance industry and the tasks involved. Insurance companies are looking for employees who act independently and have a quick grasp. Above all, networkers who can build long-term and trusting relationships with customers are very popular in the insurance industry. The following describes how lateral entry into insurance works.

Opportunities as a career changer

Above all, sales representatives in insurance are staffed with career changers. In addition to courage, zest for action

and independence, further training in insurance is extremely important for the sales force. In the first two years, the consultants undergo further training and complete diploma examinations. The final exam is to become an insurance agent.

Further training in insurance is also recommended for office work. With the help of internal and external

There are various opportunities to change jobs through further training measures. Entry into the insurance industry is successful with a higher technical school or with courses at a university.

Are there many career changers in the insurance industry?

In the insurance industry

there are, for example, 25 percent more career changers than in banking. Lateral entrants in the insurance industry are mainly to be found as customer advisors.

What does it mean to be a career changer?

If you want to work in an insurance company, further training in insurance and good dealings with people are essential. Added to this are trustworthiness, discretion and flexibility, as well as an appropriate style of clothing.

Important motives for a career changer

+More salary

+Contact with people

+Career change

+Private events require lateral entry

+ Longer unemployed

Which career changers are common in the insurance industry?

Entry is often via the insurance salesman. In addition, is

Experience in sales or customer service required. There is currently a very urgent need for customer advisors and customer advisors in insurance. Various further training opportunities, such as insurance training, allow lateral entry into the insurance industry,

Employment as an insurance broker is possible. At the higher technical school, the degree is federal. diploma insurer possible. There are numerous career paths as a career changer in insurance.

Career start and further development opportunities in an insurance company

The classic entry into an insurance company is as an insurance broker or as an insurance assistant. Several individual courses or seminars on specific industry topics are then offered. Also long-term

Further training opportunities are available. With the help of a degree in insurance business, entry into a

achieve a leadership position.

Postgraduate studies and master’s courses also help to get a better entry-level position.

Does insurance encourage lateral entry?

Most insurance companies offer special insurance training to get you started. Furthermore

Further training as a customer advisor helps with starting a career. Insurance companies encourage career changers with a

18-month trainee program.

Earnings as a career changer in insurance

Before insurance training is completed, career changers earn less. After the insurance training, the earnings prospects in the insurance industry are above average, depending on the age and the job of the employee.

It’s a wage of about

3500 to 6000 euros possible.

Generally valid blanket statements regarding the Vrr service cannot be made.

How does the lateral entry with an insurance company work?

The requirements as a career changer in the insurance industry are very high. The application documents are critically assessed and additional online tests are often carried out to check the skills of the potential employee.

Application as a career changer in the insurance industry

When applying, a good first impression should be given, as well as a friendly demeanor. In addition, professionalism and charisma are very important.

If the requirements in the job description are met and the required skills and competencies are highlighted, you have a good chance. The application photo should be up-to-date and the insurance dress code must be observed during an interview. It is also advisable to obtain introductory information about the future employer before the interview.

Reorientation in the middle of professional life

Starting as a career changer with an insurance company and reorienting oneself professionally requires courage and self-confidence. A conscious career change is followed by a feeling of satisfaction. However, you will only know after the change whether the decision to reorient was the right one.


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