Die betriebliche Versicherung: Welche ist wichtig?

In addition to the legally required health insurance, a business founder should consider which types of insurance make sense for the company. The aim is to identify high company-specific risks and to protect them with the appropriate company insurance.

Insuring the risks in the company

There is a great deal of variety, especially in the field of company insurance. Whether it is a craft, service or production company, depending on the field of work, the entrepreneur should think about which risks in the company he would like to cover with company insurance. In order to get a feeling for the required company insurance, he should make various considerations. He has to ask himself how likely it is in the occupational field that a specific case of damage will occur and

how great the potential damage can be.

Here you will find a selection of possible company insurance policies for entrepreneurs for your business start-up. with which you can hedge various risks.

Business liability insurance

Liability insurance is a company insurance that protects against damage to third parties. Below we show you a selection of Director & Officers insurance.

The Director & Officers insurance (D&O) is a company liability insurance for board members and managing directors. With such a company insurance, a company protects its executives against third parties. The protection is only aimed at the organs (supervisory board, board of directors, management, etc.) and executives, but not at the company as such. Therefore, this liability insurance covers a risk of the personal liability of those persons acting for the company.

Professional liability insurance is company insurance for many professional groups to protect against claims for damages for financial losses in connection with the services provided. Examples of this are x medical treatments or advisory activities. For many professional groups such as pharmacists, doctors, lawyers, auditors and tax consultants, such a company insurance is compulsory.

For consulting professions such as real estate agents, management consultants or other service professions, professional liability can be an appropriate company insurance. With this type of liability insurance, it should be noted that there is also precise pecuniary damage liability insurance as a form of business insurance for special professions such as architects or engineers.

A pecuniary damage liability insurance is an operationally defined insurance for professional groups, which protect third-party financial interests from the advisory activity. This is a special professional liability insurance for consulting, executing and examining professional groups, which as a company insurance goes far beyond the liability insurance.

Business liability as a company insurance policy serves to cover any claims for damages by employees, customers, visitors and suppliers. Such a company insurance is an insurance which, as with the other company insurances already described, can protect against possible damage to third parties.

The protection of this company insurance includes damage to property, financial loss and personal injury. Environmental liability can be recognized as an extended operational insurance option. This company insurance serves to protect against any environmental damage in water, air and soil caused by contamination of a company or work from the operational process.

Motor vehicle liability is also important. Such a company insurance that protects the company against possible damage resulting from the use of the vehicle fleet. This company insurance covers damage to property, persons and property. Damage to your own vehicle is covered by comprehensive insurance and not by motor vehicle liability as a company insurance option.

Product liability is another important insurance for companies. This company insurance, which covers possible damage to third parties caused by defective products of the company, is thereby covered. The company can very well combine this business insurance with the business liability described. A product liability insurance is a company insurance that is expressly important for the manufacturing industry as well as licensees and suppliers.

Fidelity insurance protects the insured company against financial losses caused intentionally by criminal activities by external third parties or employees.

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